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Valtra - N103.4 - N123 HiTech

Valtra N103.4 model is a compact maneuverable 4 cylinder tractor ideally suited to loader applications. With a simple reliable Hi-Tech manual transmission and smooth powershuttle the Valtra N103.3 up to the N123 are very popular tractors for a range of farm and field applications, as well as municipal and grounds care use.

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Valtra N103.4 - N123 HiTech Tractor - Model Information


Make: Valtra
Model: N103.4 - N123 HiTech

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Further Information on ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech

• HP: 111 - 135
• Engine Capacity: 4.4
• Torque: 460 - 540
• Cylinders: 4
• Width: 2550
• Length: 4436 - 4664
• Height: 2875
• Weight: 2550 - 2538
• Transmission: 26 + 36 R
• Wheelbase: 2665

Valtra N103.4 - N123 HiTech tractor, download full brochure

The Valtra N-Series of tractors start with the Valtra N103.4 providing power and agility in a compact size. Ideally suited as a loader tractor the Valtra N 103.4 tractor with 4 cylinder AGCO Power Sisu diesel engine pack a powerful output in a highly maneuverable size.

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ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 1 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 2 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 3 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 4 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 5 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 6 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 7 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 8 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 9 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 10 ValtraN103.4 - N123 HiTech - photo 11
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